Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Foundation of it All...

This week's view from the field is a peek at our Structural side.

We love being involved in development projects, and there is no grander transformation than a house built from scratch.  Hogan Land Services has a qualified team of Civil and Structural Engineers on staff, and provide Architectural Drafting and Structural Engineering services for a wide spectrum of projects.

Our experience ranges from the engineering of new homes, to the reconnaissance missions of examining older homes.  Sonoma County is a historic area after all, and some homes are over 100 years old!  Many of these historic homes show their age due to natural settling appearing in the form of cracks and separations.

So, if you are hearing some creaking or seeing cracks in your historic house, do not hesitate to give us a call!  We can determine if the home is settling naturally, or if there is engineering work that needs to be addressed.

For now, we are leaving history behind- and showing you a new construction project overlooking beautiful Sonoma County.

See you on our next view from the field!

Hogan Land Services Team

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