Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Don't Let it Wash Away

The rainy season is approaching!  As the rain washes in, there are a few things we want homeowners to be on the lookout for this fall.  Unexpected rain storms can unsettle dry earth that has built up over this hot summer we had.  In this post, we want to demonstrate the importance of recognizing erosion, and learning what can be done about it.

Soil erosion is the action of water flow or wind, which removes soil and rock from one location, then transports it to another location where it is deposited.  Do you think you have seen the effects of erosion?  An extreme example that many people have seen is the Grand Canyon.  

Examples of soil erosion are everywhere, but why do we want Sonoma County residents aware of the issue?  With such a diverse community of farmers, vintners, and wildlife,  soil that is not properly managed can lead to run-off affecting our natural streams and rivers.  The velocity of rain fall can be as great as 20 mph! (1)  The force of the rain breaks apart the dry soil, and causes sediment to be transported away from its original location.  This effects the landscape by creating polluted water as the soil runs downslope with the rain fall.

So what can be done to prevent soil erosion at your property?  If your property is currently undergoing construction, and is larger than 1 acre, a certified QSP (Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Practitioner) must be called to monitor and set up proper erosion management.  If you think you observe erosion at your property, snap a picture and e-mail it to us.  Hogan Land Services has two qualified QSP/QSD staff members, who can easily identify if your property is in danger of eroding.

Effective erosion control is an important technique in preventing water pollution, soil loss, wildlife habitat loss and property loss.

Below are two examples of erosion control management.  Can you guess which one is not being properly managed?

See you on our next view from the field!



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