Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Napa Earthquake - A Look Back

The earthquake on August 24, 2014 will be remembered by people in Napa and Sonoma County for years.  The 6.0 registered quake occurred at about 3:20 A.M. and many were awakened by the jolt.

As Civil and Structural Engineers, the team at Hogan Land Services sprang into action.  For two weeks after the quake, we offered a free site review of your home, workplace, or property to assess the damage, and determine accessibility.  We received an enormous response from homeowners all over Napa and Sonoma County.  Some were unsure if their property had been affected, while others reported obvious damage.

The level of reported damage ranged from minor to severe, but we treated every case with extreme care and caution.  Structural damage is a serious issue!  We helped property owners determine the extent of structural movement or damage, and advised how to remedy the issue.  Our goal was to ensure your home, workplace or building was safe - and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

We were happy to support the community in a time of need, and our team of Engineers rose to the occasion with site visits nearly every other day in September.  Below are a few images from the structural damage we witnessed.


Although it has been months since the Napa Earthquake, it is always important to do a visual check of your home 2-3 times a year.  If you have witnessed any movement or cracking in your home, please call us for a site review!

See you on our next view from the field!


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